Who We Are/Our Community

From Port Townsend to Pullman, our community works to improve the public’s health.

For more than 80 years, WSPHA has convened those who care about the public’s health. We share ideas and take action to achieve a healthier Washington. Our membership is 400 strong and growing. We are outreach workers, health educators, nurses, physicians, policymakers, nutritionists, sanitarians, environmental health specialists, administrators, students, business leaders, and citizens. We are a diverse community of individuals and organizations with the common goal of improving health and safety in Washington.

Here is a glimpse of the work our members do:

  • Make sure families in need find food assistance
  • Champion policies that protect and promote health
  • Immunize communities against preventable disease
  • Respond to disease outbreaks
  • Keep our air and water clean
  • Prepare communities for emergencies and disasters
  • Spread information about healthy behaviors
  • Study what works to make people and communities healthy

Learn more about our work to support a healthier Washington

WSPHA is a 501 c6 non-profit, membership organization and an affiliate of the American Public Health Association.