2020 Annual Conference Agenda

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10:00-10:05 am

Opening Remarks

10:05-10:30 am

Keynote Speaker: Governor Jay Inslee

10:30-10:35 am



COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Side Effects

COVID-19 Topics

Populations & COVID-19

 10:35-11:25 am

Building a Care Coordination System for COVID and Beyond

Adapting a Trusted Brand to Support Teens During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lessons for Washington to Learn from COVID-19

Panel Discussion on Mutual Aid Networks in the Era of COVID-19

Tribal and Urban Indian COVID-19 Response

 11:25-11:30 am


 11:30am-12:15 pm

 Rapid Response and Ingenuity: COVID-19 Strike Team Strategies

 COVID-19 Impacts on Cancer Prevention, Treatment, and Outcome

 Understanding COVID-19 Transmission Using Human Mobility and Activity Surveillance

 Health Risks for Agricultural Works Amid COVID-19

Building Confianza: a Collaborative Effort to Build Latino Community Trust of Public Health Institutions in Time of Crisis




 COVID-19: Community Collaboration Through Contact Tracing

 Analyzing WA Crowdfunding Data to Find Gaps and Inequalities in Social Support During COVID-19

 Academic-Community Partnerships for Rural COVID-19 Response

 COVID-19 and its Effects on People of Color

 Asian Pacific Americans Stakeholders Narratives of Resistance and Resiliance During COVID19

12:55-1:00 pm

Wrap Up


WSPHA Virtual Social Hour




10:00-10:05 am

Opening Remarks

10:05-10:40 am

Keynote Speaker: APHA President Lisa Carlson

10:40-10:45 am



Building Community Partnership

Race and Disparity

Opioids #1

Community Health Planning

 10:45-11:30 am

Building Community Clinical Linkages with Practitioners to increase physical activity for older adults: PT Refer Toolkit

An Indigenous Perspective: Achieving Health Equity

Predictive Modeling of Drug Overdoses with Prescription Monitoring Program Data

Leveraging Codesign Methodology in Academic-Community Partnerships

 11:30-11:35 am


 11:35am-12:15 pm

Partnerships for Home Fire Safety

 Unexpected Benefits: COVID-19 and WIC Remote Services

 Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in Buprenorphine Exposed Neonates

Integration of Community Midwifery and Freestanding Birth Centers into Washington State Disaster and Emergency Management




 A Comprehensive Community Health Report Dashboard

 Addressing Health Disparities in Rural Communities: SHARE NW


New Evidence on Lead in School Drinking Water and Risk Communications in Washington State

12:55-1:00 pm

Wrap Up

6:00-7:00 pm

WSPHA Virtual Social Hour




1:00-1:05 pm

Opening Remarks

1:05-1:30 pm

Keynote Speaker: Secretary John Wiesman "Parting Thoughts from the Secretary"

1:30-1:35 pm


1:35-2:30 pm 

Office of Equity Task Force: Addressing Racism in State Government to Achieve Health Equity

2:30-2:35 pm


 2:35-3:10 pm

Small Room Discussion #1

Small Room Discussion #2

Small Room Discussion #3

Small Room Discussion #4

3:10-3:15 pm


 3:15-3:55 pm

Small Room Discussion #1

Small Room Discussion #2

Small Room Discussion #3

Small Room Discussion #4


Wrap Up     

4:15-5:00 pm

WSPHA Awards Ceremony





Opening Remarks


Panel: Future of Washington's Health System




Health System Transformation

Topics in Health


Opioid Crisis #2

Lead Prevention


Developing a Multiphase Strategy to Map Quality Evidence-based Practice Services for Health Navigator Service Referrals: Comparison to Existing Service Lists

Tribal and Urban Indian Health Immunization Coalition/Vaccine Issues in Indian Country

Secondary Impacts of COVID-19: Care Gaps and the Growth of Telemedicine

Enhancing Prescription Monitoring Program Access and Opioid Prescribing Decision Making with a Smart on FHIR Application

Reducing Exposures from Lead, Cleaning Products and Mold in Households

 2:40-2:45 pm



The Impact of Kitsap Connect, a collective impact network, on Emergency Department Visits, Emergency Response Calls, and Arrests in Kitsap County.

Men in the Middle - A Shoulder to Shoulder Approach to Suicide Prevention

Engaging Undergraduate Public Health Students to Support LEP and Disability Community Access to COVID19 Response

Washington State Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: An Evaluation of Providers’ Perspectives

Partnering to Increase Childhood Blood Lead Testing




Reaching All Patients: The Importance of Contraceptive Care Integration in Primary Care

 The Ripple Effect: Problem Gambling and Public Health

 Leveraging the State Budget and Tax Code as a Tool for an Equitable Recovery from COVID-19




Wrap Up


WSPHA Virtual Social Hour





Opening Remarks


Panel: Looking Ahead to the 2021 Legislative Session




Policy and Communication

Future of Public Health

Topics in Public Health

Opioid #3

 9:55-10:40 am

Local and State Substance Use Prevention Policy Efforts

Building Capacity to Screen, Test, and Address Diabetes Prevention with Community Partners

Informing Recommendations for the Use of N95 Respirators and their Relative Training Materials as a Public Health Intervention for Wildfire Smoke

Starting the Conversation: Exploring Messaging Approaches on Prescription Opioid Use & Misuse for Patients & Reducing Stigma to Promote Treatment and Recovery With the People's Opioid Project

 10:40-10:45 am



So You Want to Make a Video?

Public Health Surveillance in Action: Producing and Disseminating Firearm Injury Data – King County, WA

Adapting a Peer Led Nutrition Education Program from In Person to Virtual Online Lesson Delivery

A Comparative Review of Intrastate Opioid Prescribing Dashboards: Recommendations for Best Practice




Universal Court Screening and System Referral For Reducing Juvenile Housing Instability: Feasibility Of Program Adoption

Know Your PHRASES: Communication Guide and Toolkit for Cross-Sector Collaboration

Utilization of GIS and Community Health Workers to Identify and Address Comorbid Diabetes and Depression in Okanogan County, WA

Facilitators and Barriers to the Adoption, Implementation, and Sustainability of Health Ministry Programs

11:55am-12:00 pm

Wrap Up

12:15-1:15 pm

WSPHA Annual Business Meeting