How can I become a presenter? 

Abstract submission is open in the Spring. Each abstract is reviewed multiple times by a panel of public health professionals. Abstracts that are accepted for presentation will be announced in June.

 Who attends the WSPHA Annual Conference?

The table below shows the breakdown of where conference attendees work. Please use this information to design a presentation that is relevant and applicable to your audience.

Primary Professional Setting of Attendees %
Professional Association   1%
County Health Department/District   35%
Academic   11%
State Gov – DOH/HCA   32%
Non Profit   10%
Other Local/State/Fed Gov   1%
Health Care   4%
Other   2%
Business   1%
Tribal Health   1%
Research Center/Institute   1%
Advocacy Org/Coalition/Alliance   1%
Total (updated 9.5.2017)    


How do I make corrections to my abstract?

You cannot change your abstract content once the submission deadline has passed. However, minor corrections (i.e. spelling errors, etc.) can be made by WSPHA staff. Email [email protected] to make a correction.

Can we substitute a presenter?

Yes. Notify WSPHA staff as soon as possible by emailing [email protected]. The new presenter must complete a conflict of interest disclosure form and register for the conference. Be sure to let the moderator and rest of the presenters know about the change.

Do I have to register and become a member in order to present at the WSPHA Annual Conference?

Yes. All presenters must be individual members of WSPHA and registered by September 30th. Membership must be valid through the conference dates. You may register as a member at the same time as you register for the conference (after your abstract has been accepted).

 Can I register for one day only?

This year there is a Two Day Registration option. Presenters and moderators who do not wish to register for the entire conference should register for the day of their presentation, and can choose another day that they'd like to attend.

 Why must I complete a Conflict of Interest form?

Presenter Conflict of Interest Forms are a required component of WSPHA’s application for continuing education credits.

Do you have guidance or advice on preparing my presentation?

Yes! Check out the following document: Conference Presentation Best Practices.

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