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New Blog: Public Health And Wikipedia: Your Patients Are Here, Why Aren't You?

We’re all used to thinking of Wikipedia as among the more unreliable of resources—anyone can edit it, right?  However, librarians like me and many public health professionals and healthcare providers are starting to have a more nuanced understanding of this widely-used tool.  For starters, there is a strong culture of fact-checking, and the use of references means that it’s easy to check out where people are getting their information from; in fact, the quality of medical content is often better, for these two reasons.  The title of this post is taken from an article entitled “A Perspective on Wikipedia: Your Students Are Here, Why Aren’t You?” (by Meghan Dowell and Laurie Bridges) and this post hopefully will convince you to at least take a new look at the ubiquitous online encyclopedia.

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